Frequently Asked Questions

  • You choose the products you like
  • Click the “Add to cart” button
  • You go to the “Purchase Fund”
  • Click the “Complete Purchase” button
  • You enter your details (Email, Phone, Address, etc.) You select “Shipping Method” (Courier, Shipping, Collection from the store, etc.)
  • You select “Payment Method” (Debit / Credit Card, Deposit, Cash on Delivery, etc.) You accept the Terms of Use
  • You press the “Buy” button You are transferred to a secure bank environment to make the electronic payment
  • Upon completion of your purchase, a relevant message appears on your screen and you receive a corresponding email with the details of your order

You just made an online purchase!

  • Clicking on the card icon on each product when you see all the products
  • Clicking the “Add to Cart” button when you see a specific product

Yes, we have introduced security certificates in our eshop which are constantly updated and so your personal data remains safe while browsing your eshop and while shopping.

For questions and clarifications you can call our call center +302109239562 or via email. If this is order information, please know the order number and the Name you have entered for your best service.

  • By navigating the eshop in our categories depending on the product you are looking for
  • Via Search, where you can enter the term you are looking for and it will show you all the relevant results
  • Via Product Code Search

In case of cancellation of the order, the refund of the money to the debit or credit card that you used to make your purchase is immediately launched.
In case of product return, your refund is routed with the delivery of the product to the store and the completion of the technical inspection.

Product returns are made within 14 days. Contact us at 2241025790 or via email info@memoriescosmetics.com

Shipping products for all orders over € 59 is free throughout Greece. For shipping within Attica, the charge is € 3.00 up to 2 kg. For shipping throughout the rest of Greece, up to 2kg the charge is set at € 3.50. For each additional kg, the charge is set at € 1.00.

  • Clicking on the “My Account” icon on the homepage.
  • I write my email and register.
  • Clicking on the “My Account” icon on the homepage.
  • By clicking “account details” I make the changes I want.

You go to the “Purchase Fund”

Click the “Complete Purchase” button

You enter your details (Email, Phone, Address, etc.)
And you complete your purchase.

The order can be canceled in the following cases:

– If the online order has been completed but the product has not been shipped yet you can call 2241025790 and one of our partners will undertake the cancellation of your order

– After receiving the product, call us at 2241025790 explaining the reason you wish to cancel the order. One of our partners will serve you immediately and will inform you about all your options

The wishlist can be used by the user when the user wants to make a list of desired products regardless of whether he intends to buy them and when. The user can select the product he wants to add to favorites by clicking on the heart icon.